Local dynamics

How are economic activities and populations distributed across France and Europe? What are the key economic, social and environmental factors that contribute to local development?


Territorial cohesion

How can "territorial cohesion" priorities be measured? What factors contribute to the social link and to the tie of the populations to their territory?


Sustainable development

How can we evaluate different territories’ performances in sustainable development? How are the French territories placed with regard to big issues that concern sustainable development?


Public policies

What public policies have been created to directly or indirectly contribute to the development of French spatial cohesion within Europe?


Coastal areas

What are the defining characteristics of coastal areas?

What major developments have taken place in terms of population growth, urban development, economic activity (agriculture, tourism, industry, etc.) and protection of natural spaces?

How is the implementation of the "coastal law" and integrated management policies for coastal areas being monitored?


Montain areas

What are the key challenges for the mountain areas in terms of resources, heritage and development?

What are the public policies implemented in mountain areas?



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